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Year 7 products – food design

Unit of work "snack attack"


During this unit of work the students are asked to design, make and package a healthy muffin that could be sold in the school canteen.


The students cook a variety of foods including –rainbow fruit salad, pizza and hamburgers. The design project aims to help students understand the importance of healthy eating and making healthy food choices.


Students must also design and word process a label and package for their muffin. They must take into consideration all the information that is required on a food package.


Their food practical skills, muffin package and digital design folio are assessed.

Year 7 products – textile design

Unit of work "colour by design"


During this unit of work students design and construct a dip-dyed pair of shorts or skirt.


The students will study textile technologies, experiment with fabric decoration and construction techniques.


Students will learn about the characteristics and properties of different types of fabrics, the function and correct use of a range of tools as well as specific techniques used to construct and embellish textile items.


They will complete two research assignments on cotton and an Australian fashion designer.


Students are assessed on their shorts or skirt, machine skills, cotton report and the Australian fashion designer assignment.


They must document all the work in a design folio.

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