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Year 10

The Year 10 English program provides opportunities for the students to enjoy a variety of interesting and engaging units of study while they continue to refine their English skills. However, the students' own compositions are increasingly focused on analytical and extended writing to prepare students for senior studies. Below is an outline of the Year 10 units. 

Term 1

Theme unit - To Greener Pastures: A Cultural Experience

In this unit students view and respond to a variety of texts that are focused on people experiencing cultural changes. Students learn about the issues and vocabulary associated with immigration, culture, and multiculturalism. Texts studied include news articles, websites, visual images and a novel (selected by teacher).  The focus in this unit will be for students to understand how context, purpose and audience influence how we present information and perspectives. This will be explored through the theme of culture. 

Term 2

Drama unit – Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Students study one of Shakespeare's greatest romance plays with a focus on how the original play has been adapted and transformed into film. Students use their knowledge of Shakespeare's context to analyse in depth the play and its adapted film's themes, characters and techniques.

Term 3

Genre study – crime fiction

This is an engaging unit in which students encounter a variety of crime fiction texts with the aim of identifying and analysing the features and conventions of the crime and thriller genre. Students are required to engage with a variety of texts, these include: short stories such as Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Telltale Heart' and Roald Dahl's 'Lamb to the Slaughter'; examine the visual features of book and DVD covers; read the opening chapters of 'The Big Sleep' by Raymond Chandler; analyse in depth either the play 'The Mystery of Roger Mullaney', a Sherlock Holmes novel by Conan Doyle or another short story; and view appropriate crime fiction films or television shows.

Term 4

Area of study unit – change

This unit is designed to assist students gain an understanding of the challenging requirements in the area of study unit studied in Senior English. In this unit students will be required to explore and analyse: language, form, structure, context, audience and purpose through a variety of different types of texts. The students in the Advance classes study a classic novel, such as 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. They will also be required to explore a variety of related texts of their own choosing. Students will be required to compose in a variety of different styles and text types. 

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