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Stage 5 food technology

Year 9 and 10 food technology

Students at Blakehurst High School enter Year 9 food technology with some experience in food preparation, in Year 7 and 8 technology (mandatory). This course plan aims to build on prior learning in Stage 4 technology (mandatory) and provide opportunities for students to develop skills of safe work practices and food handling.

The course plan has been developed as a 200 hour course however; consideration has been given towards students who only complete 100 hour course in either Year 9 or Year 10.  Therefore, the core is integrated through the focus areas allowing students to complete either 200 hour or 100 hour course.

The course plan identifies six focus areas each of 12 week duration, three in Year 9 and three in Year 10. The suggested order of topics allows for the development of deep understanding of concepts and reflects the need to build on prior knowledge. This course plan attempts to develop awareness in students of the relevance of food technology for them as individuals and members of society. Over the length of the course students explore food related issues which should help them make informed and appropriate food choices.

The school operates on a two week cycle, with periods lasting 70 minutes. The elective courses have 5 periods per cycle.

The course plan/assessment schedule (PDF 144KB) is based on the Quality teaching in NSW public schools model of pedagogy and is designed to motivate and engage all types of learners.

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