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Prefects have an important leadership role in the school. About 24 prefects are chosen after an interview process each year. The senior prefects (current and previous) and staff then elect the school captains and vice-captains.

Prefects, both junior and senior (Years 9 and 12 respectively) represent the school at a number of official functions, often taking part in public speaking. The prefects are expected to show leadership in the playground, inspire other students to behave responsibly and become involved in fund-raising activities in the school and the wider community. The prefects have an imperative role representing the views of the student body in relation to school decision making and policy reviews.

Some examples of prefect activities include:

  • fundraising
    • Valentine's Day
    • mufti days
    • slave day
    • legacy day
  • making a presence
    • sport week
    • school website design
    • running of assemblies
  • presents
    • gift to the school
    • role model
  • bridging the gap between students
    • gala days
    • international integration.