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Information technology

What will I do in this course?

The focus of this course is in the support and management of the use of information technology.

It is based on units developed in the IT industry to provide students with opportunities to develop and enhance competencies relevant to employment in industries where information technology is used.

Over 2 years, students gain competencies in the following compulsory units:

  • work effectively in an information technology environment
  • apply occupational health and safety procedures
  • operate computing packages
  • operate computer hardware
  • design organisational documents using computing packages
  • integrate commercial computing packages
  • communicate in the workplace
  • follow workplace safety procedures
  • operate a personal computer
  • use computer operating system
  • create user documentation
  • install and optimise operating system software
  • provide advice to clients
  • care for computer hardware
  • run standard diagnostic tests
  • use development and IT tools to build a basic website.

What skills will I gain from this subject?

Students develop a range of skills in preparation for working effectively in an environment where information technology is used. These include oral and written communication skills, teamwork skills and efficient use of a range of software application packages, essential hardware management and occupational health and safety competencies.

How much practical/theory work is in this subject?

This is a very practical course, although the theory component is considered essential background and training for successfully achieving competencies. Practical and theoretical aspects of the course are integrated. Students wishing for an ATAR and sitting the HSC exam in information technology will need a thorough understanding of the theoretical components of this course.

What background and skills are recommended for this subject?

There are no specific prerequisites for this course.  It is not necessary to have taken computing studies in Years 9 and 10.

Are there additional requirements for this subject?

Students must attempt each of the units of competency described in the course structure and undertake a minimum of 35 hours work placement in IT for each 120 hours of study (i.e. 70 hours over 2 years). Work placements are completed in Term 2 and Term 3 of Year 11.

There is also a subject fee of $65 per year.

Are there any exclusions for this subject?

No. Students can study VET IT with any other courses, including information processes and technology.

How will this course help me in the future?

The information technology curriculum framework is accredited for the HSC and provides students with the opportunity to obtain nationally recognised vocational qualifications. Students who are assessed as competent in all of the units of competency in information technology (240 hrs) will be eligible for AQF Certificate II in information technology or a statement of attainment towards Certificate III in information technology course ICA30105.  This course is eligible for inclusion in the ATAR.