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Construction – VET

What will I do in this subject?

This course is for students who want to work in the building and construction industry. The course seeks to provide the basic training that is required by all workers in the industry and it includes official assessment for the issuing of the CIC card (construction induction certificate or card) necessary for entry onto a construction site. The course teaches students a range of practical and technical skills including measuring and calculating, work planning, working safely, conveying information, handling material, interpreting drawings, levelling, concreting and operating tools, quality principals and construction methods.

What skills will I gain from this subject?

Students who are assessed as competent in all of the prescribed units in the Year 11 course will be eligible for BCG03 Certificate 1 in general construction. Students who continue with the course in Year 12 will also receive a statement of attainment towards the CPC20208 Certificate II in general construction or a pathway course. Students who meet the general level of occupational health and safety induction training for the construction industry, as required by state legislation, receive the work cover white card. This card provides access by students to construction sites for their work placement. These vocational qualifications are recognised nationally by TAFE, private providers and the industry. As well, students may include this course in the calculation of a ATAR for university entrance.

How much practical/theory work is in this subject?

This is a very practical course, with a general pattern of 1 theory lesson and 2 practical lessons per week.

What background and skills are recommended for this subject?

Prospective students should have an interest in the construction industry, have basic mathematical skills and be able to work cooperatively and safely with others.

Are there additional requirements for this subject?

Students must wear leather shoes and, before gaining access to the workshop, must have a protective work shirt and be in possession of their work cover white card. Students must also undertake site-specific OHS training before being allowed onto a work site. Students must complete 35 hours of work placement for every 120 hours of course work (ie a total of 70 hours over the 2 years of the course).

There is also a fee charge of $35 per year.

Are there any exclusions for this subject?

Industrial technology – building and construction industries focus area.

How will this course help me in the future?

The competencies, skills and work place learning experiences student gain in this course will enhance their job prospects for entry level in the general construction sector of this industry. Students will be able to articulate directly into the AQF Certificate II courses:

  • construction assistant – concreting
  • trades assistant (this job can lead to work in various streams).